Goleta Beach

Goleta Beach Santa Barbara

Goleta Beach

Ratings: ****
Perfect for: BBQ and picnic

Goleta Beach has a nice grassy park, complete with several grills and group sized picnic areas. Perfect for a weekend of BBQ’s and beach fun.

Not quite the perfect beach to surf or swim, Goleta Beach makes up for it with a nice long pier with decent fishing off the side, a restaurant with a perfect view of the beach, and an overall locals-only vibe.

From May to August, you can try to visit the beach a couple of days after full or new moon to watch the grunion run. A grunion run is an event where a group of fish (Californian grunion) would head to the sandy shore to spawn. Seeing thousands of fish, their scales glinting in the moonlight flopping around is quite a sight to behold and worth the wait.

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