Leadbetter Beach

leadbetter beach, santa barbara, ca

Leadbetter Beach

Ratings: ****
Perfect for: strolling, BBQ

This nice little beach further up the street from West Beach is worth checking out. It’s quieter and cleaner than the beaches on either side of Fisherman’s Wharf and it’s only a quick (uphill) stroll away.

The only reason Leadbetter Beach doesn’t get a full rating is due to its proximity to the busy Cabrillo Blvd that doesn’t provide beach-goers with much privacy. But other than that, the grassy park, the palm trees, and the plentiful picnic areas make this beach a perfect weekend destination for families and students from nearby city college.

The pic above is taken from the grassy cliff overlooking the beach on your right (if you’re facing the ocean). There’s a nice, small park with some benches and it makes for a great place to have a picnic while watching the sunset.

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