Best Public Parks In Santa Barbara

One of the main reasons why people visit Santa Barbara is to appreciate its beauty. Santa Barbara is blessed with amazing natural parks that are both wonderful and awe-inspiring. Despite its dense population and modern city, the abundance of natural public parks in Santa Barbara keeps the city green.

Here are some of the best public parks in Santa Barbara.

Alameda Park

Alameda Park is located at 1400 Santa Barbara Street. It is a wonderful public park which is family oriented. There are plenty of picnic spots, and not to forget its 8,000 square foot playground that will definitely get the children happy. The lush trees provides great shade, and if you come early it is actually quite easy to get yourself good picnic spots and picnic tables.

Alice Keck Park memorial Garden

Alice Keck Park, One of the best parks Santa Barbara

Alice Keck Park Santa Barbara - by Javaturtle

Close by to Alameda Park, this is one of the favorite public parks in Santa Barbara. The landscaping there is absolutely beautiful and nothing short of amazing with its ponds and stacking flowers. This is a popular spot for wedding parties and photography enthusiasts.

Chase Palm Park

Chase Palm Park is another great family oriented public park. There is an outdoor music pavilion, children’s playground, carousel, and walk patios which are streamside. Almost every night, there are usually activities held here.

Douglas Family Preserve

This public park is undeveloped, but it is a great place for those who would want to go for walks, or bring their dogs out for walks. Let your best buddy free without a leash and roam around the preserve. Slightly along the bluff, you will discover a great view to the ocean.

Elings Park

Elings Park too is quite undeveloped, but that is what makes it such a great public park, especially for nature lovers. There are so many spots that grants you amazing views to the city and the ocean, and there are restrooms, picnic facilities and playgrounds. While it is easy to get parking, you might want to book picnic tables as it is quite a popular spot.

Mission Rose Garden

mission rose garden santa barbara

by bawoodvine

If you are a fan of beautiful roses, then the Mission Rose Garden is the place to head to. There are over thousands of different types of well-tended roses, as well as a beautiful fountain with amazing views to the city and the mountains.

There are plenty more public parks in Santa Barbara, all unique with its own natural beauty and features.

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