Guide to Santa Barbara Nightlife

Santa Barbara is a place where tourists go to get the fine combination of sun, sand and beaches as well as its natural beauty.

But if you think that Santa Barbara loses all of its sparkle as soon as the sun sets, you are so wrong. There are still plenty of things to do in Santa Barbara a night. Checking out Santa Barbara nightlife is a pretty fun and sexy scene – but only if you know where to go to.

Santa Barbara nightlife

by BruceTurner

If you have no idea where to head to for a great nightlife experience in Santa Barbara, ask the locals. But why go through the trouble, when you get can all the scoops on where to find and how to enjoy Santa Barbara nightlife right here?

State Street Is Where You Want To Be

Yes, that is right. If you are looking for a great Santa Barbara nightlife experience, State Street is the place to go to once the sun sets on Santa Barbara. The idea of ‘nightlife’ for everyone is pretty subjective. Some might enjoy something that others might not. That is the beauty of State Street in Santa Barbara – there is basically something for everyone. Believe it or not, even if you visit State Street every single day for one week, you would still not be able to visit everything there.

Dance Clubs

velvet jones santa barbara

Velvet Jones -

There are plenty of dance clubs all around Santa Barbara, even off of State Street. Velvet Jones is one of the more popular nightclubs for college students to dance the night away. Tonic Nightclub and Statemynt too are pretty popular dance clubs with Santa Barbara college students, also located at State Street.

If you are more into shaking it to hip-hop music around sexy people, Club 634 is a pretty good spot. The Sandbar is also a pretty great place to visit for a unique dance experience. They have an indoor dance floor which is made to look like an outdoor patio. Your options are almost limitless as you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to nightclubs in Santa Barbara.

Bars And Lounges

Perhaps you would just prefer to chill and drink instead of dancing the night away. Fret not, as there are plenty of hip bars and lounges all around Santa Barbara, mostly in State Street. Indochine is a small lounge bar with an Asian theme to the place. Or perhaps you should head over to the Neighborhood Bar And Grill, which had been voted as the Best Neighborhood Bar in Santa Barbara for two years in a row.

Movies, live performances, eateries, there are just too many places for you to choose when it comes to satisfying your nightlife needs in Santa Barbara.

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