Scenic Viewpoints in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara California is a popular tourist and resort destination located in the United States.

With a rolling coastline as well as high cliffs there are plenty of areas within Santa Barbara where you can enjoy views of the entire town as well is the ocean.

santabarbara coastline

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Many of compared the city of Santa Barbara to something of a Mediterranean village because of the old-style architecture as well as the climate in the area. With so many beautiful spots to look out at Santa Barbara as well as the coastline it can be hard to pick the best lookout viewpoints in Santa Barbara.

Here are some great options if you are looking for excellent lookout viewpoints in Santa Barbara

1. The Santa Barbara courthouse

santa barbara courthouse

by Trader Chris

the Santa Barbara courthouse has a special viewing deck that lets visitors climb to the top of the Santa Barbara courthouse tower and look out over both the water and the city.

Located right in the heart of Midtown the court house has beautiful pristine grounds and also features one of the nicest views of Santa Barbara. Looking out over the mountain’s as well as over the entire city through old-style architecture as well as off of a balcony can leave some great photo opportunities and an excellent view.

2. Inspiration point hike

inspiration point view

by Daniel Imfeld

This 2.5 mile hike is specifically made for walkers and runners. Although the hike is all uphill there are some great views as well as a fair amount of wildlife. The hike itself takes about 45 min. and the parking lot is located at tunnel Road and mission road. There are many pools and ponds along the path and there are great views at the top of all of Santa Barbara.

Looking out over the town as well as peering through mountain trails can lead to some great photo opportunities.

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3. Scenic trip up the highway Route 1

Although this isn’t so great for taking photos, going up the highway one along the coastline and looking down upon Santa Barbara is a great viewpoint to experience especially if you have a nice rental car as well. These roads can be a bit twisty but has some excellent views of the entire city and coast. There are not any places to stop and take photos but you can take in the atmosphere as you drive up this great highway.

4. City College Maxwell overlook

At Santa Barbara City College there is an overlook which many choose to perform wedding ceremonies and other events. This beautiful view from the City College features an astounding view of the mountains, city as well as the coastline. The green area provides an excellent amount of space for people to gather and look at the view. There are some great photo opportunities available and this is an excellent space for events as well as weddings in the Santa Barbara area.

These are just a few of the great lookout viewpoints in Santa Barbara. In a city that features so many great views and natural landscapes there are bound to be many more which are both discovered to many as well as kept close secrets.

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